The body gives us this beautiful journey.
Without him we would not have set out on the road.
The body is the instrument through which life sounds.

Nazaret Castellanos




Anxiety is a process that develops gradually and eventually stops us from listening to the body again.


In depression the emotional system goes into a state of "shut down" where it loses the strength and energy to go out.


Trauma settles in the body, in the subcortical world, dysregulating the Autonomic Nervous System which needs assimilation.


Mourning occurs as a consequence of a significant loss, which needs to be integrated into the new reality.

What my patients are saying

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To start a therapeutic process people often need to feel that there is something they want to change and that they cannot do it alone. However, the therapeutic space can be an accompaniment for different life situations, from decision making to an overwhelming emotional problem. Ideally, we should not wait until emotional distress begins to affect daily life, but this is often our best indicator that it is time for psychotherapy.

The therapy sessions are composed of a deep listening dialogue where I attend to the story the person is telling while listening-observing the story their body is telling. That both are in tune with each other is key to the therapeutic process.

This is a difficult question to answer because every problem is different for each person, each person’s experience is unique and within specific circumstances. The important thing would be to feel that we are moving towards a sense of greater stability, regulation and emotional calm.

The ideal frequency is usually once a week, so that by the end of the month we have seen each other for at least 4 hours. However, this frequency can be relative and will also depend on the individual, not everyone needs or can sustain the same pace. We assess this together and tailor the suit to each person’s needs so that the therapy is a space that builds and does not suffocate.

We could say that therapy is a “simmering”, it is a work that requires time and care. If this is present, feelings of reassurance and relief begin to appear along with micro-changes in daily life that speak of something new happening and, therefore, that the treatment is working.

In online sessions the bioenergetics of people is obviously not present, but without a doubt, and as different studies have already shown, when there is connection and deep listening during sessions, whether online or in person, the same regions of the brain that facilitate healing are activated. Therefore, it is not so much the medium that is important as the psychotherapist’s ability to connect.

When life changes are sufficiently stable and emotional regulation is maintained, people spontaneously begin to feel that the end of therapy has come. My role is also to accompany this process of closure and farewell.

Psychotherapy offers a safe environment that facilitates a relationship with oneself and with another, in a place of calm and respect. This allows people to experience a new relational possibility that they begin to seek and incorporate into their lives, generating, beyond therapy, healthy bonds where they can support each other and eventually dispense with the therapist. However, the connection, the feelings of freedom and security to be who I am, that are generated during psychotherapy sessions are often exceptional and therefore of great value. So you may want to repeat it when you have a life challenge again.

Sessions can be paid for in cash, by bizum or bank transfer.

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