The psychologist

While I was studying I quickly realised that a degree in clinical psychology would not be enough to practice such a broad profession, full of nuances and where human vulnerability and fragility are the basis of the work.



My development

Simultaneously with my work as a secretary and the first year of my studies, I started my training as a Gestalt psychotherapist, which was the beginning of many other continuous trainings that followed and that have always been present throughout my professional practice.

A specialisation in family and group conflict resolution. Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, in-depth training in Enneagram theory, training in working with couples and adolescents. Training in the accompaniment of dying and bereavement, as well as in Compassion and Mindfulness.

Finally, trauma-focused psychotherapy is my training par excellence. Thanks to scientific advances in neuroscience in the last decade, multiple questions in psychology have been explained and answered, providing a neurophysiological framework for intervention that allows us to reach deep layers of emotional healing.

All this, together with my meditation and mindfulness practice, helps me to approach my profession with a broad, deep and nuanced perspective.

Research soul

In 2012 I published research on critical thinking in Adolescents for the International Association Unimos, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AEDID), called “Pilot for the implementation of the Moral Judgement Development approach (Lawrence Kohlberg) as a teaching-learning methodology in Development Education”.

Today, with the publication of a new article on the relationship between trauma and dissociation in intimate relationships, entitled “Involuntary Rape. Trauma and dissociation as the basis of unwanted but apparently consensual sexual relations”, begins an exciting new research to give voice to a present but deeply silenced phenomenon.

My career

My career as a professional psychologist began in a centre run by the Sanitas insurance company where the caseload was immense, even overwhelming at times. After just one year I rented an office and set up my own private practice, leaving the insurance company behind.

Since then, nearly 15 years ago, I have continued my private practice, now combined with training and writing, which have turned out to be my two new passions.

Currently, in my commitment to the research, development and dissemination of trauma, its effects and implications in our lives and society, I am a member of the Spanish Association of Somatic Experiencing.